DIY Face Mask (with filter pocket)

March 23, 2020

This is not a typical post for this blog but with the current situation the world is finding itself in and with the shortage of face masks I brought my sewing skills out and made some masks for my family. A few people asked me how they could make their own so here is my pattern and process.

If you have a traditional professionally manufactured mask then please use that. But if you’re in a pinch, maybe this will help you out.

I also put all of the photos into a YouTube slide show video for those that prefer that.

Feel free to share

This is our end product.


-1 rectangle of fabric 7×9

-2 rectangles of fabric 4.5×9

-2 pieces of elastic (thin or rounded) 11 inches each (adjust as needed)

-cutting and sewing items (scissors, sewing machine, thread)

– (optional) iron

Cut out your (1) 7×9 rectangle of fabric

Now cut out two 4.5×9 rectangles

Your three pieces of fabric cut and ready to sew

Fold over the edge along one long (9 inch) side of both 4.5×9 rectangles and sew along each.

Next line one of the smaller rectangles up with the one large rectangle. You want the fabric face to face so it appears inside out. You want the folded edge in the middle and the long edges lined up. See the photo below.

Now sew the three sides. It will be like you have a pocket when you are done.

Next lay the other short piece so it is lined up on the opposite side. It’s folded edge will cover the other pieces folded edge. See photo.

Now sew the three edges.

When you are done you’ll have a sort of hidden pocket.

Flip it right side out. Poke the corners out so you have a nice rectangle.

Optional: iron it flat. This just makes for a cleaner finish and it also makes the folding and final stitching easier.

Optional: sew around the edges. Again this is not necessary but it creates a cleaner finish and the next few steps will be easier.

Now you want to add two folds in. This makes the mask fit better. There are several photos below and a tiny video clip to show the process. It helps to clip the edges when you are done to hold them. If you do not have clips or pins you could use binder clips or paper clips. It also helps to iron them down.

I like to iron them down. It makes it much easier to keep everything in place.

Prepare your elastic. Simply sew the ends together to form a circle.

Fold the side over (short side) maintaining their fold, and slipping the elastic in. See the photo. You can iron here as well.

Now sew. Do not sew over the elastic. Sew inside of it so you are creating a sleeve the elastic runs through.


The pocket. You can put a filter in here and remove it.
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