Unicorn Simon 

May 14, 2017 

Yesterday I did pony rides at a birthday party and Simon got to be a unicorn for the day. Doesn’t he look cute?

Clip Jobs – PA Expo 

March 6, 2017

I drove up to the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo this past weekend to watch my friend Lindsey and her grumpy white pony Will in the trail challenge.  

During the trail challenge I saw two ponies go through with stars clipped into their rumps and I love it.  I might have to do this with Poe next fall.  

Family Pony Time 

September 22, 2016

Labor Day at the Wilsons included family, crabs and Simon.  

It was a fun day.  

Packing was put on hold…

August 12, 2015 

We are flying out of Baltimore today on our England-Wales trip. Yea! After work yesterday I ran around town taking care of last minute things. You know, like a vet appointment to update the dogs shots.  (Why did I think the day before I leave town was a good day to set that appointment?) Picking up socks. (How is it that I do not have enough pairs of socks to make it through a week?  And that does not include any that match.)

I got home and got the packing under way.  Feeling good about my progress I decided I had time to get a short ride in on both ponies.  I had not been able to get in a ride the past few days and the ponies we’re excited for attention.  I tacked up Poe first and headed out for a leisurely hack around the farm. About ten minutes in Daisy came racing across a hay field to catch up.  As she got closer I noticed she was running funny,  ducking her head to the ground, dragging her face… Uh oh. 

When she got closer I could smell her. Skunked. 

I cut my ride off and headed back to the house and quickly put Poe up.  I got out my dog-de-skunk kit. It consists of a bucket loaded with a bottle of dawn dish soap, a bottle of peroxide and a large box of baking soda.  *Just add water and a stinky dog*  So I did. 

Sadly it appears Daisy was sprayed in and on her mouth. She has skunk breath. The face is so hard to wash.  She is tolerant and well mannered so I got my scrub on and finished up with just enough time to feed ponies before dark.  

She dried out and the one spot is still a little rough.  So this morning she is getting another scrubbing.  And my hands too. They also smell like skunk.  

Ok, ready, steady, go!!!!

A snap chat story recap…  




Zombies will not get my ponies! 

June 30, 2015 

My mom sent me this image. And it really fits me well. 

(Real posts coming soon!) 


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