Pony Pasture Romp 

April 11, 2017 

I took these little videos on Friday morning when Leigh Anne and I were getting ready to load ponies for a trip to KY.  Simon had other things in mind. So I videoed him for some little girls who love him.  


New Hay Barrels 

December 2, 2016

Today’s project was to construct, hang and load two new hay barrels.  And I am happy to say, project complete.  These two barrels (the two on the right in the photo) were free because they both some some small drill holes in them. The blue one also has an awkward bigger hole in its side (you can see it in the photo).  

The hard part was getting them up high enough to hook them.  Once hug I don’t take them down often.  

Pony Work Out 

August 2, 2016 

Click this to see Simon and Poe working out on video
I took this little video over the winter when the ponies were in the yard.  

I have often mentioned how they both get in a lot of exercise time on their own. They both gallop around quite a bit.  Sometimes I’ll see them running around multiple times a day for 5, 10 or even 15 minutes at a time.  

Ketchup in the Tail? 

July 14, 2015

Have you seen this thing going around on social media about putting ketchup in a horses tail to help make it whiter?  I kept seeing it and I decided to give it a try.  I actually did two trials.

Trial ONE – Spike

I was already giving Spike a bath so why not try it?  I washed his tail out like normal, using equine shampoo.  Then I squeezed in a ton of ketchup.  I really worked it in too.  I let it sit, impatiently, for about four minutes before I washed it out.  I brushed his tail out and let it dry.

Result – I think its whiter?  It looks a lot whiter, but I have only given Spike one *real* bath that included tail scrubbing.  So I didn’t really have a control factor to compare it to.  (I also did not get a “before picture)




Trial TWO – Simon

I had also decided Simon needed a bath so I figured, why not try it again.  I have given Simon plenty of bathes so I will know more easily if his tail looks whiter.  Like with trial one, I washed his tail out with equine shampoo, rinsed, and then applied ketchup liberally.  This time I let it sit for closer the seven minutes before washing it out.  I brushed his tail out and let it dry.

Result – It was whiter for sure.  Not like blindingly white, but certainly whiter than it normally comes out with a good washing.


Conclusion – If I have some ketchup laying around and am having an enjoyable pony bathing day, I think I will probably add this into my routine.  If I did halter classes or high end hunters or show ring stuff, I might be more into it too.  But I do not have anyone judging the shade of white my pony’s tail is, so its not that big of a deal to me.  So I am not going to rush out and pick up the biggest bottle of ketchup to keep in my wash kit for every competition I go to.

Vet Wrap – Always on Hand 

July 3, 2015

What self respecting horse person runs out of vet wrap? Me! I was even at a honest to goodness tack store (Mad Tack) this morning.  Dag-nab-it.  Daisy came in with a cut on her ankle about an hour ago.  I used a little Betadine and put some Furison on it but no vet wrap to finish up the job.  Poor pup has a piece of gauze wrapped around her ankle and held on with some electrical tape.

Vet wrap is on my shopping list.  


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