Hay distruction

November 26, 2016

Black Friday morning Rich and I picked up a loaf of hay, took it home, and filled my hay shed.  Yea. 

Later we had a pet emergency and had to rush Ash (Rich’s dog) to the vet.  I was in the process of moving ponies around so I stuck them into the field that the hay shed is in.  

This morning I went out and found Simon in the act of mass hay distraction.  

It took a little work to get cleaned up (and every hay barrel and net is currently topped off).  And the ponies are moved into a different field.  

Saddle repairs – Martins Harness Shop 

November 23, 2016

This past weekend I went to tack up Poe and found some damage to his saddle. It’s a well used older Stubben and repair work tends to be a necessity every so often.  Luckily I live near one of the best saddle repair places around.  

About a year ago he replaced the billits on this saddle. A few years ago he custom made me an Australian girth with elastic on it.  He has stitched up an array of straps and I have even brought him friends much loved tack for work.  

This time I needed a patch put on the underside of one knee roll and a stirrup leather keeper replaced.  

I dropped my saddle off on Monday and Tuesday morning I got a call that it was ready for pick up. 

Bravo Martins Harness Shop in Dayton.  Excellent work, great customer service, reasonable prices, and quick turn around.  

Hills and Fences

January 22, 2015

It is time to start getting Poe back in condition for the upcoming games season and I decided Monday was time to get started.  I started in the riding field but the footing was so slick I felt uncomfortable.  Easy decision, we moved out and into the open.  We walked and trotted up and down some hills enjoying the views.

Then we rode around the fence lines making sure everything was in proper order.

(Yep another boring winter post)




Hack in the fall

October 21, 2014

My husband snapped off this candid shot of me out on a hack with Simon last week.

I was having a stressful few days and this was that ride that I really needed. The one that made made my shoulders drop back below my ears and the wrinkles in my forehead unwrinkle.

Nothing like hacking the stress away.



February 9, 2014

Cheering “USA USA USA WOO!” loudly, and throwing my fists into the air while sporting Stars and Stripes apparel, that’s how I couch surf the Olympics.

The only non horse sport I have ever participated in throughout my life was swimming for two years for my high school. I never played soccer, or enjoyed running, I suck majorly at riding a bike, and other than sledding down the neighbors hill as a kid, the only snow sport I have tried involved a shovel, the driveway, and freeing my truck.

But I am 100% enthusiastic about international competition and I love my country.

Its fantastic to see people with different political ideas, economic standings and ways of life, coming together to cheer their country on.

As a competitor who has ridden for my country on numerous occasions, there is no feeling quite like representing your country. They work hard and they are there representing us! They deserve our support.

So, I’ll put my patriotic hoodie on and chant “USA” all Olympics long. Even if I have no idea what a good run really looks like, or if our guy (or gal) falls, “Hell Yea USA!”


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