Trailer Maintenance: Replacing the Trailer Jack

September 1, 2019

While I was out of town for the 2019 International Trip, our amazing neighbor did some welding work on my trailer. If you need a welder this dude is fantastic!

When I got back I decided to continue the trailer maintenance and replace the trailer jack. This was mostly a necessity because the inside mechanism had become bent and it was getting harder and harder to hook and unhook the trailer. The final straw was having to get my husband’s help to wind it high enough to unhook it.

I searched around and found that you replace the whole piece not just the inside and it was actually pretty affordable. I did some measuring and decided I wanted the top part to be slightly shorter but could take that up on the under side. So I picked out a trailer jack on

There were plenty of jacks to pick out. I selected one that was rated for well more weight than I needed and had the correct amount of lift. I considered the electric ones which were way more affordable than I would have thought but ended up selecting a gray economy one by Bulldog that would match my trailer. It was about $65 after shipping and arrived in about three days.

Full disclosure, my husband did the actual installing. He used some DW40, some jack stands, and a ratchet wrench. The whole process from collecting tools, changing the jack out, to putting the tools back away took about 10 minutes. It was way easier than either of us expected.

First we sprayed DW40 on the three nuts. Then we wound the trailer up and put the two jack stands under the hitch bars, one on either side. Then we wound the original jack down, putting the weight on the jack stands and none on the actual trailer jack. Next my husband used the ratchet wrench to loosen and then remove the three bolts. This was the hard part and took a bit of arm strength.

Once the bits were off the old jack was easy to remove and the new one was easy to slide right into place. The nuts were put back on and tightened down and then the new jack was wound out and the jack stands removed. Done.

We both wound the jack up and down a little. It turns way easier than the old one but not as easy as we both expected. I put that to it being the economy model and that it is lifting quite a bit of weight. I don’t recall any other trailer ever being any easier than this new one.

Two days later I hooked up the trailer and the new trailer jack worked just fine. That night I unhooked it and it worked great. I am completely satisfied with this project and still amazed that it was easier than expected.

Saddle Racks Installed!

March 23, 2019

My trailer tack room does not have a saddle rack built into it. In place of it I have had a folding saddle rack in it with three saddles piled on top of each other. The top one or two usually slide off when I drive, or on occasion all three. They tend to get bunched awkwardly or a flap is folded up and goes unnoticed. There is always a girth or non slip pad falling and going missing in the mess and requiring me to strip out the whole pile and everything around it to find said missing item. And of course I always need the saddle at the bottom of the stack. Murphy’s Law.

I’ve had this trailer for quite a few years and I practically live out of it on the weekends from April till November each year, and quite a bit through the off season too. That stupid folding stand takes up a chunk of space and always seemed to be in the way.

Why I never had the brilliant idea to put actual saddle racks into it until this winter is beyond me. But once the genius (and oh so obvious) idea struck, it was game on.

It took a while to enlist the husband and his handyman skills but today seemed to be the day he was ready to dive in.

I cleaned out the tack room so he would have room to work (I should have taken a before photo!). Mean while he stained a board and then attached the three racks to it.

Next he drilled holes into my trailer (ahhh!) and the board. I was pleasantly surprised he took which end of the bolts would be on the horse side into account. Then I was on one side and he was on the other and together we tightened the bolts and the rack into place.

And Done! I put the saddles up and the the other necessities back in. It’s shocking how much more space this created and that’s going to come in very handy when I pack it out for the season in two weeks!

Thank you Rich!

Product Review: LikIt!

September 27, 2018

Simon is still living alone and still bored and into mischief. With this in mind I remembered to pick up a LikIt refill and strung it up from a tree in his paddock.

I didn’t realize he had used it the first day I had him in the paddock. When I moved him back into it he walked right over to the tree and started licking away. That’s when I noticed he had already licked a good portion of it away.

Video of him licking his heart out.

He also enjoyed tossing it around, biting it, and just playing with it in general.

Video of him playing

I give the LikIt two thumbs up!

Review: Shires Feed Ball

September 20, 2018

Simon is one of those ponies that’s always into something. I can’t keep a halter or fly mask on him. He runs around with his feed pan in his mouth. He has been spotted standing partially in the water troth.  He chases his field mate with sticks and I can’t leave anything he can damage out in this field or anything he can reach through the fence.

He is a pony that gets bored very easily and he recently became an only pony so he no longer has a field mate to chase around and force to play with him. This means he has been extra mischievous lately.  He has broken into the hay room twice, rampaging through the hay, and tearing open bags of shavings.  He also started busting out the side of the run in.  I think he enjoys this because he can flap the metal sheets to make a lot of noise.

I was at Tractor Supply on Tuesday and I saw a Shires Ball Feeder in stock for $20. I’ve thought about getting one before and this felt like the right day to give it a try.

I was skeptical at first. Is it a pain to load? Does the feed just pour right out? Is it too difficult to get the feed out? Will my pony have interest?

Time to give it a try:

Last night I put Simon’s dinner into the ball. It poured in super easy. No mess. I shook it so he could hear his dinner inside and I sat it on the ground.

Here is a video of him trying it out for the first time.

He figured it out immediately and got some of his feed out in just a few pushes. He stopped and ate the feed he got out and then went back to pushing the ball around. Sometimes he flipped it quickly to the correct side, and other times it took him quite a few rolls to get just a little bit out.

He spent a good while rolling that ball around and eating his dinner. And his mischievous brain was occupied the whole time.

I found the ball easy to load, the grain came out in different amounts depending on his roll, and it kept him occupied and engaged. I also really enjoyed watching him.

I don’t think it would work in taller grass but it worked well in my small yard paddock where the grass is short.

When I stepped out onto my porch this morning, I found him rolling it around, with what sounded like one single grain pellet inside. I happily put a small handful in and gave it back to him. He was still rolling it around when I left for work a little later.

He did not seem frustrated at all, simply engaged.

I am going to continue giving him his dinner in the Feed Ball. And I am going to pick up some of the large pellet shaped horse treats to load it up with.

I am very satisfied with this purchase!

Product Review: HandsOn Grooming Gloves

February 6, 2018

A friend gifted me a pair of HandsOn grooming gloves this weekend that she picked up at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo. I immediately gave them a try on my dog Daisy, who enjoyed the massaging effect, and I enjoyed the shedding out it did. But I was very excited to get a chance to try them out on my ponies when I got back home.

Today I gave them a go on Poe, who is just barely starting to shed ever so lightly. My husband just happened to be walking by right as I pulled Poe’s blanket off, giving me the perfect opportunity to snag him as a video operator!

I had used the right hand glove on Daisy at the expo, the left hand glove was fresh and unused. I have to say, the gloves pull the hair right off effortlessly. The little bumps pull the hair off the pony, but also let go of the hair so it doesn’t stay stuck to the glove.

I also tried them on Simon, who has not started to shed at all, and it did not pull hair, since non was shedding. But he did have a little dirt on his legs that the gloves pulled off very easily. I really liked how easy this was. The little leg grooves that some dirt was fitted into were so easy to clean by just running my hand over them. And his face. Simon always wants his face rubbed. He loves his face rubbed with the HandsOn gloves.

I was skeptical, and thought of these as sort of a gimmick. But I am impressed with these gloves. It’s sort of neat to just run your hands over the dirty and or hair areas and get them clean and pull off the hair, just with your hands. Both ponies and Daisy all seemed to really enjoy the massaging effect as well, which was just accomplished by petting.

I am excited to try them for bathing, which is one of the advertised uses. It’s a bit early in the season to bath the ponies but Daisy is a little in need of a bath…

A quick shot of the gloves after use on both ponies.

Thank you friend for the gift! You know who you are. They are much cooler than I expected. I can’t wait for full blown shedding to start.

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