Day 12 – Tack Shop and Castle – International Trip 2019

August 19, 2019

Time to leave the show grounds and dive into some other adventures. But first we needed to fill and empty various tanks, trash and do the dishes. The whole team pitched in and we were on the road before too long.

First we went to Wadswick Country Store – this is a big tack store. It has had a few additions since we last visited two years ago which means even more cool stuff. I think we all got something.

Then we drove into Wales and visited Ragland Castle. This is such a cool castle. Check out some of our photos.

After Ragland we drove on to Neath in Wales and stopped at The Angel Inn for the night. We had an excellent dinner finished off with some ice cream. This is a neat inn that is a lay point for hikers headed to the waterfalls. Hopefully we can check the falls out before we move on. They permit caravan primitive camping and thought we would be in a big “American” RV. Super super nice people and such a cute location, it is a real gem of a find.

We are all settled in for the night, being silly, and preparing for some sleep. Most of the team slept through the driving so I suspect it will be myself and Carly our for the night and them giggling until late. Earplugs for the win!

Day 11 – Next Gen Rule the World Sunday – International Trip 2019

August 18, 2019

Sunday we had two session and Sadie was doing a session of Open Individuals.

The first session was not bad but we were back to three ponies and a fourth being rotated in and poor Royal was exhausted.

We are one lucky crew and some lovely new friends stepped up to help us out for the fourth session. Two riders from another division lent us their ponies and Leah loaned us her own pony from our division, making it so she couldn’t ride.

The kindness of everyone here has been mind blowing. In particular our new friend Amy is just outstanding. We are all super hopeful that she will bring her two daughters Leah and Poppy to ride over with us next year.

Between session 1 and session 2 Sadie rode in open Individuals on Lucas. She did super well and took the win!

Sadie in open Individuals

Session two was the best one, and we entered with five ponies! That alone thrilled the team. We spelled Royal and had three new ponies, as mentioned above.

Some type of weather squall rolled through during the session, it cold rained very briefly, and the winds which were already gusting picked up even more. And we played the last race with a rainbow in the background.

We finished in a respectable fourth overall after the four sessions and the team finished on a well played session.

This team rode so well. They went with the flow, hopping on any pony brought their way and riding right off into races. They kept smiles on their faces and good attitudes through out. I’m so proud of them.

Video with some of S3 and S4 races

we spent some time saying good byes as our new friends all packed up and left. We decided to stay put for the night and head out in the morning. So we all go showers and goofed around, and we are talking hard goofing for the rest of the night.

We only have a few days left of the trip and a the competition is over now but we still have some adventures to dive into.

Day 10 – Next Gen Rule the World Champs Saturday – International Trip 2019

August 17, 2019

Briefing was at 830, where we got super cool England gear! Thanks Emma!

We ran around checking out ponies and seeing what we had. It was a little confusing and clustered simply because some of the ponies were held up at World Individuals due to schedule changes and a few were deemed too strong.

We ended up with three ponies and then several different fourth ponies rotating from race to race. In some races we ran the same pony first and last swapping riders. This really threw everyone off and combined with the first session nerves, let’s just say it was a sloppy start.

We were lucky enough to ride on one of the manicured polo pitches. Huge! And the set up was super cool. The team rode into the field to their own theme song, “party in the USA” and the commentating was excellent. The atmosphere was laid back and everyone was super kind and supportive. Carly and I were both able to be back behind A with the team which was super helpful with all the pony changes and a few new races to play.

We finished much improved from our start, and standing in 5th ahead of Italy.

At lunch we had a pep talk and team chat and a little time to regroup. We spectated some of the Young Guns (leadline) and some of the hunt chase pairs. The pairs was taking place where we will be riding tomorrow.

Then it was retack, we added an adorable fourth pony named Bubbles and back to the ring.

Session two was immensely improved. We had the ponies better figured out and having four vs three ponies was a whole new game. The team rode so much better and we all left the ring smiling.

As a surprise the session finished out with the big sack race. Which was hilarious.

video (I am not aware if this came out in order of play). There are two.

We were able to spend some time socializing with new friends in camp and scarfed down some dinner before we headed out to Warwick Castle for the Dragon Slayer performance. Emma arranged a bus for everyone to pile into for the ride there and back.

(Carly and Jesse were holding our spot while the rest of us went for ice cream for the group).

The first part involved some jousting and knight play. The second part was in the castle court yard and was a lights display on the castle walls and fireworks.

We were exhausted when we got back and asleep pretty quick. N

Day 9 – Moving to Next Gen Champs – International Trip 2019

August 16, 2019

I posted yesterday’s blog before the night fully closed out and we must relay the before bed popcorn experience. The team *needed* popcorn and although Abby F brought microwave popcorn, our camper does not have a microwave. Mikayla improvised and made popcorn on the stove with assistance by Abby F.

Nothing burned and the camper smelled super yummy. And there was a happy team of popcorn eaters.

We woke up today to a light drizzle and time to clean up and pack up for our most exciting move of the trip.

“I love pickles” – Mikayla

After leaving the individuals show ground we went to Harley Equestrian tack store.

Then we hit up the grocery store before arriving at the gorgeous Dallas Burston grounds.

Everyone has been telling us how nice this place is and they are not kidding. It is amazing.

We had tacos in the camper for dinner and a LOT of loud laughs.

Mikayla and Abby R went next door to hang out with the Dixon’s while Carly and I Tidied up and the other girls entertained us. And one of Krista’s really good old friends, Richard, popped in for a quick hello at the camper and gave us all an opportunity for some puppy lovin with his pooch Bilbo. But all in all it was an early night for this camp.

Tomorrow is the first day we will have a schedule during this trip requiring us to get up and get going. We are all so excited for it too. We have our briefing at 830 and then meet our ponies and then play some games! Check back with us tomorrow for all of the excitement.

Day 8 – Spectating – International Trip 2019

August 15, 2019

Today we spent the day watching world individuals. We got to see some amazing riding from a variety of countries. The team helped with arena party for our USA friends Joe, Kaja, and Jaycee and we also cheered on our Canadian friends Lily and Jesse.

We made a new friend who is also moving over to the Next Generation Championships tomorrow to compete! She has even kindly offered us the use of one of their ponies, Charlie.






Our new friend Poppy rode her final and then let us hop on her pony Charlie for a few minutes to get a feel. Mikayla and Abby R took turns and both found him lovely.

We are getting more and more excited for our competition this weekend!

Tonight Abby R and Jesse made dinner, Chicken nuggets and salad.

We finished the day up with a stroll on the cross country course and some social time.

Tomorrow we move over to our competition! That’s when the real excitement begins!

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