Fall Pairs 

September 26, 2016

Averi and I took the field as a pair team for the fall competition.  We started off a little rough, and Peyote bopped his head up and popped Averi’s thumb at the beginning of our first session.  Of course we played on, doing near standing handoffs and taking it easy on Averi’s thumb.   We did not score well in this session but still played our game.  

Our afternoon session went better, with Averi’s hand lightly braced.  But it was still not enough to make up for our morning and we were placed into the B final for Sunday.  

The final went ok.  Not our best, not our worst.  We enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. I was personally really happy with my mounting.  Although two of the mounts on Saturday were because of sloppy mistakes.  We got Val to come in and coach us towards the end of our session, which always gives me focus.  I think we could have used her sooner.  

Averi is the best to ride with.  She is supportive and fun and does not give up.  Always encouraging, she is a real team player.   It was a fun weekend.  

And let’s talk about the non riding part.  Awesome as always.  Nancy invited Averi and I to camp in her trailer with her which was amazing.  We feel asleep Friday watching a movie.  And Daisy just loved chilling in the AC while we were riding.  Always good conversation the group of us enjoyed Friday and Saturday evenings socializing together in the campgrounds.  Games people are good people.  

Potomac River Ride 

September 25, 2016

The last ride in Maryland was at the C&O Canal along the Potomac River.   Val, Kerri and I enjoyed a leisurely ride along this well cared for and very busy path.  Straight and flat, with lovely footing, it is an easy ride.  We counted endless turtles and cyclists along the way. Poe was a bit unhappy about the near constant train action, clearly a pony devouring device.  But Poe loved the dip into the river, and led the way bravely.  

Sugar Loaf Mountain Trail Ride 

September 23, 2016

Our next Maryland pony adventure was a trail ride at Sugar Loaf.  Kerri and I met up with Lindsey at a designated parking area and woofed down some lunch before we headed out on the horse loop.  It was a nice 2 hour ride, about 7 miles, on manicured and well marked trails.  

It was a really lovely ride and we had a great time.  We also ascertained that Lindsey is not the best at trail navigation.  But, she is well improved already since the previous ride a few days earlier.   

A great day! 

Family Pony Time 

September 22, 2016

Labor Day at the Wilsons included family, crabs and Simon.  

It was a fun day.  

Catoctin Mountain Park Trail Ride 

September 21, 2016

At the beginning of the month I got in lots of riding during a week in Maryland.  The second ride was a trail ride up at Catoctin Mountsin Park with Lindsey and Kelly.  

We did a nice loop over about two hours, over well marked and manicured trails.  Towards the end we came to a fork in the trail with the sign broken and propped against a tree.  We picked a fork and popped out into a camp ground.  Clearly we picked the wrong fork.  But a really friend park employee stopped and told us to continue through the campground to the trail connection just a short ways ahead.  That the correct fork is extremely overgrown and has a large downed tree.  We took her advice and finished our ride all smiles.  

The parking area was easy to find and well marked with a nice turn around and parking space for a couple rigs.  A good ride and a nice location for a lovely day in the shaded woods.  The ride was somewhat rocky but not too bad and with only minor climbs and decents.  Nice location.  

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