Matt’s Birthday Games Day

March 12, 2021

My friend Matt turned 39 at the start of February and his sister/my friend, Val, attempted to plan a games day to celebrate. But weather was not working in our favor. After two reschedules we managed to make it happen. We congregated at the Woodstock Equestrian Park in Darnestown, Maryland and rode for a couple hours, playing games in a rather wet ring. Fun was had by all.

MGAA November Pairs 2020

January 29, 2021

As with most things, MGAA competitions were mostly cancelled all of 2020 due to Covid. in the fall there were three smallish pairs competitions, and I choose to take part in the third and final one. It was held at Diamond 7 in Pennsylvania, which is a comfortable laid back venue.

Rebekah photo: D Dungee

Team Ponynado (minus Susan) decided to pair up, putting the two new ponies together in Novice for their first competition and the two more experienced ponies together in O25. This was sort of neat since we could all wear our new team gear and get experience riding together.

Photo: Dungee

It was a super fun time and a very enjoyable competition. I am so glad I decided to go, although I was still apprehensive, I did end up feeling comfortable and safe at the event. Although wearing a mask all day in the heat of summer, while laboring to do ring crew might be a bit much, it was not so bad, and at the colder times that weekend it was almost wanted.

Rebekah and I had a great time riding together. She has come a really long way over the past year with her pony Secret. Simon was also in an excellent mood and even moved out quickly, in particular on Sunday. Jenny and Heather looked great on Seven and Fin, who really seemed to thrive in the low key atmosphere for their first competition. We all saw a few things we need to work on, and some goals to set.

Camping was enjoyable and it was so nice to be able to socialize with my favorite people.

That is all I really have for this competition recap being its several months past. But since it was my only games competition all year, it certainly needed to be documented.

Ponynado Games Practice 10/04/20

October 5, 2020

Thankfully we have resumed our open games practices every other Sunday. it’s been so nice to have fun getting some exercise for me and Simon pony while socializing and doing something I love. I have really missed games, and my games friends.

This Sunday only four of us were able to attend the practice session and it just so happened to be four of us who formed a new team last winter, intending to start the 2020 season together, Ponynado! The fifth rider, Susan was busy taking part in a pairs competition up in New England where she lives.

It was a very fun laid back practice. We worked on lots of skills and races and enjoyed a lot of laughs.

Ans while it was super cool to have a team practice we are excited to have our other friends back to join us for the next practice.

Mountes Games: Intro at 3 Socks Farm

March 8, 2020

Saturday we had a fun intro to games day at Anne Morrison’s lovely 3 Socks Farm in Mt Jackson, VA.

There were six riders new to games and I rode Simon. Anne’s indoor is awesome and long enough to set up 3 proper lanes at a time and has excellent footing!

Everyone did excellent and I was very impressed with all the ponies (including the horse sized ponies).

Thank you for donating some photos Melissa.

Last winter games practice 2020

February 24, 2020

Today was the last winter practice for this year and we had a perfect size turn out at five.

We forgot to get a group picture but we did try to snap one of all of the ponies chillin around the ring while we did an equipment reset.

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