Ponynado Games Practice 10/04/20

October 5, 2020

Thankfully we have resumed our open games practices every other Sunday. it’s been so nice to have fun getting some exercise for me and Simon pony while socializing and doing something I love. I have really missed games, and my games friends.

This Sunday only four of us were able to attend the practice session and it just so happened to be four of us who formed a new team last winter, intending to start the 2020 season together, Ponynado! The fifth rider, Susan was busy taking part in a pairs competition up in New England where she lives.

It was a very fun laid back practice. We worked on lots of skills and races and enjoyed a lot of laughs.

Ans while it was super cool to have a team practice we are excited to have our other friends back to join us for the next practice.

Mountes Games: Intro at 3 Socks Farm

March 8, 2020

Saturday we had a fun intro to games day at Anne Morrison’s lovely 3 Socks Farm in Mt Jackson, VA.

There were six riders new to games and I rode Simon. Anne’s indoor is awesome and long enough to set up 3 proper lanes at a time and has excellent footing!

Everyone did excellent and I was very impressed with all the ponies (including the horse sized ponies).

Thank you for donating some photos Melissa.

Last winter games practice 2020

February 24, 2020

Today was the last winter practice for this year and we had a perfect size turn out at five.

We forgot to get a group picture but we did try to snap one of all of the ponies chillin around the ring while we did an equipment reset.

New Equipment Tote

December 23, 2019

When you have a full set of games equipment you need a means of containing and moving it around. And when you want to make sure it’s water safe and not stuffed in too tight and getting smashed and broken.

Having as many items in a secure sealed tote is important too. One time I was taking equipment to a practice in the back of my truck and somehow one stepping stone popped out in transit. No idea how but there were six when I left and only five when I arrived.

My previous tote was a plastic foot locker, with wheels on one end. Wheels are key. And although it was sold as water tight, even from the start it would take on water. It also was not large enough to fit the stack of stepping stones (a new set of 6), the association containers, four flag holder, bucket, toolbox, and such.

I have been eyeballing the big Stanley 50gal tool chest and recently stumbled on the Home Depo Husky brand version for a much more affordable $50 price tag. It has large wheels on one end and a large pull out handle on the other. It also has a lock which would have been nice in the past when we left equipment at our practice venue, just for piece of mind. It also has a removable toolbox tray inside that is excellent for holding a lot of the smaller items.

I loaded the new tote up with all the equipment and it fit all of the small items including the four flag holder, association, stepping stones, and a bucket. And there is room to spare.

I’m thrilled with this tote and ready to roll it our next practice!

Winter Practice – 12/09/19

December 12, 2019

We are a couple practices into our winter practice series and we had a smaller turn out which made for more space.

These are such good opportunities to ride with friends and get in some technical skill work.

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