Ponynado Games Practice 10/04/20

October 5, 2020

Thankfully we have resumed our open games practices every other Sunday. it’s been so nice to have fun getting some exercise for me and Simon pony while socializing and doing something I love. I have really missed games, and my games friends.

This Sunday only four of us were able to attend the practice session and it just so happened to be four of us who formed a new team last winter, intending to start the 2020 season together, Ponynado! The fifth rider, Susan was busy taking part in a pairs competition up in New England where she lives.

It was a very fun laid back practice. We worked on lots of skills and races and enjoyed a lot of laughs.

Ans while it was super cool to have a team practice we are excited to have our other friends back to join us for the next practice.

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