Trail Report – too many!

June 10, 2020

I have been on quite a few trail rides lately, mostly with Carol Ann. And I have not been efficient at recording them here. You might wonder why I do record them here, and I do have a reason. I use them later when I can’t remember something about a trail, and I can look back and find be reminded. Stuff like “where was that loop?” Or “what was the footing like” or “was the parking efficient for two rigs?” I actually look back a lot.

Most of these rides have been at Slate Lick so I’m not as worried about recording them. But there was a fun Sunday ride at Laurel Run, which I could not remember well as it was. Luckily I reached out to some amazing STRHA friends and they helped me out. I do need to try to record that ride in its own post.

There was also a STRHA ride at Uncle Tom’s. Again it was a pretty basic loop that be documented on here previously so we will leave that I t his mash up as well.

Otherwise, this post commemorates quite a few lovely rides at Slate Lick over the recent weeks.

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