Game Night 8/20/20

September 1, 2020

Just shy of two weeks ago Jenny and I met at Game Night at Red Horse Training with Amanda Brunson. We have hit a few of these and they are so fun. This week we started off work a timed obstacle course. I admittedly had trouble remembering the course – which you can see in the video below.

Simon loves this stuff. He eats it up. I swear he would trot through fire in this course if I asked him. On the turn to the flower box I asked for a turn and he took it so tight he made me squeak. And that ball, he is not fond of the big pilates style balls but in this course I just pointed him and he charged ahead like a warrior.

Next we did the team relay obstacle course. In this game Jenny and I take turns going through obstacles, retrieving a token, and depositing it in a basket before our partner goes, swapping back and forth.

Again it was so fun. Simon really gets into it. And Jenny and I have so much fun partnered together. Woo! Maybe we will have to wear our Ponynado team jerseys one of these weeks. 😉

I am looking forward to hitting up game night again this week.

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