Trail Report: 1117 Old Man Run/Tom’s Park 4/5/2020

April 7, 2020

I had a lot of work to do Sunday and not much time for a ride but I needed a metal break and some exercise. So I went out early and did a quick spin. *sorry Carol Ann, Ill make plans with you when I have a bit more flexibility.

I went to Tom’s Park off Little Dry River Rd. To park I pull just past the first turn (still in sight of Little Dry River, back into the turn and then pull around. I can easily do it in one back with room to spare with my two horse. Then I pull to the right facing out at the pull over. There is easily room for two of me nose to tail in the pull over.

I headed up the fire road 1117 Old Man Run. It’s a bit over a mile to the split in the fire road. I hung a left and wrapped up and around.

After a bit (about two miles in) there is a closed fire gate.

Continuing on it is a nice grassy/leafy fire road, clear and rolling. Very nice for changing paces.

It flows out around a few view points.

It crosses the tower lines a few times before ending at the lines. It’s sort of a hard end.

It’s just shy of four miles in and four miles out. And pretty easy grade. No big climbs or super rocky areas.

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