Checking in 2021

January 27, 2021

As everyone already knows, the past year was different, and it is continuing to be different in 2021. Lucky for me I live rather rural and have my ponies at home. So I have continued to get lots of outside time and have not had to worry about a barn closing. I am able to say that my life has not changed terribly much due to Covid. I have still gone into work everyday as normal, I just start the day with a temperature check and I wear a mask all day.

The only major change in my life has been the lack of games. I usually take part in at least eleven multi-day competitions and 2-3 weeks traveling over seas as the trainer/manager for the MGAA games team every year. This also involves all of the planning, packing, practicing, and conditioning that goes with serious competition. Meaning games eats up gobs of my time.

Now that I have all of this unscheduled time, you would expect me to have filled it with new projects. Maybe something like taking up baking or writing a novel. But not me. I have no idea what is keeping me so overloaded but apparently I have been too busy to put much time into this blog.

I did make it to one games competition in November. I have some new gear that I would like to review. And I have a coming 3yo pony that is growing daily. So really, I still have plenty to write about. I would also like to start sharing some of the other aspects of my silly little life that do not necessarily revolve around my pony, but that maybe fit into my pony-crazed existence.

So let’s do this!

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