Paint Dipping

February 5, 2021

I am a hobby crafter, always have been. I even ran my own craft/sewing business for about 20 years. And then I burned out. I closed by business, liquidated my stock, and mostly stopped crafting. Its been a few years and I have dabbled a little. I stitched up some horse blankets, repaired holes in clothes, made a few helmet covers, crocheted, and I have been working on these two t-shirt quilts for several years running now. But all in all I have been very un-crafty.

Some craft videos and finished projects have sparked me here and there, not never really came to much. But one craft technique kept catching my eye and this past fall I decided it was time to get messy.

I decided to try paint dipping.

I love color, and I love combining colors. I loved working with dyes, and getting matchy matchy, and clashy clashy with all crafts I have done. I also love paint, although I have very little experience with it. Colors and paint are what caught my eye. So I watched a bunch of videos and read a bunch of instructions and how-tos and decided to give it a go.

To start I selected my canvas, metal water bottles. Next I selected my colors, dark and light blue, purple, pink, and silver, plus primer. I was careful to select the type of paint sold locally that several of the more reputable videos and instructions recommended. I also picked up a resin solution to seal it all in when it was done and a few disposable sponge brushes. I used painters tape and covered the areas I did not want painted, to include the bottom and the lid/opening.

Next I set up my work station. I popped a craft table up in the yard and covered it in trash bags. I grabbed a bucket and lined it with a trash bag. and I brought my bottles and paint outside. I then used my work station to finish prepping the bottles by snapping on gloves and applying primer to them, and allowing them to dry.

Later I filled the bucket with warm water and snapped on a fresh pair of gloves. I intermittently sprayed the selected colors into the water, moving quickly since it was chilly outside and I didn’t want to allow things to cool and set before I finished the application. Then I dipped the bottles and set them aside to dry.

I was immediately happy with how things were looking. As soon as it was dry enough I removed the painters tape, and then allowed them to sit and the paint to fully set. Two days later I applied the resin. Waited two more days and then applied a second layer of resin.


I did learn a few things and already know how I would alter my process a little to have a better completed project. I am excited to try it again, making the modifications. But all in all, its not bad for my first try.

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