Non-Horse Post: Smart Blanket – You Want One!

March 16, 2021

I have a great future invention idea and I need some computer science smart person to get on it and I’ll be the first person to jump on the kick starter. 

A Smart Blanket. 

Think about it.  Wouldn’t it be great if on cold winter nights your blankets were warm when you slide in?  Yeah yeah you can use an electric blanket/mattress pad for the cold nights but what about the hot summer?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to slide into nice cool blankets, and have them stay cool? 

This imaginary Smart Blanket takes its smartness to another level too.  It heats and cools throughout the night, so you stay the perfect temperature all night.  You won’t need to kick off the blankets when you get all hot and sweaty, and then pull them back on when you cool down and are still sweaty and get cold.  You won’t have to stick one foot out to regulate your temperature. 

My Smart Blanket will learn your preferences and maintain the temperature around your body to perfection to optimize your slept. 

I think I will produce it in a large sleeping bag format.  Perfect for full body cooling at home, and perfect while camping.  I would also produce it in different blanket sizes.  The queen and king sizes will have an optional duel side smart system so two people can share the blanket and have their own side operate for their own temperature needs.  But ideally, and for optimal temperature immersion, it would be a single user blanket. 

Ideally my Smart Blanket will also be weight adjustable using some sciencey gravity technology that probably doesn’t exist yet. At least not in a marketable to the general public existence. This rolls out from the currently trendy weighted blankets which are marketed to be soothing and create a sense of security. So why not, my Smart Blanket will also be weight adjustable.

Next time you are sleeping and you get hot, or cold, or sweaty imagine what my Smart Blanket can do for you. 

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