Neville’s second trail adventure – 8/28/2020

August 28, 2020

Today I took Simon and Neville to Slate Lick in National Forest. My goal was to pony Neville from Simon through some creek crossings, around some of the boulders the Forest Service put in, fire pits in camp grounds, and just general exposure.

He trailered there nicely, and was happy to ride along. He never hesitated or bulked at anything. He actually seemed to enjoy the creek crossings.

We did get attacked by horse flies worse than I have ever experienced. At one point Simon was leaping, Neville was bucking, and I was slapping them off both of them and me rapid fire. We ended up having to trot and canter to get away from them on multiple occasions.

Eventually the horse flies were too much and we headed out after an hour and a half of riding.

Neville was such a good boy.

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