My Poor Buckets

March 11, 2021

The ponies are still bashing and ripping my buckets up as evidence shows from this morning.

Frolicking 2/5/21

February 15, 2021

I keep the ponies in the smaller wooded lot most of the time. Especially in the winter. It saves the field from being tromped around when the grass is dead and it’s also much harder to get hay and thawed water out to that field.

Ponies still need a good run in the sun though. So I put them out in the field for a bit.

A quick video of Simon getting his roll on.

Here is a video of them stretching their legs.

Red Horse Training Open House – Obstacles

February 12, 2021

Back on January 30, Jenny and I took our horses to Amanda Brunson’s – Red Horse Training – Open House at her new facility in Louisa, Virginia. Its a really nice facility with plenty of stalls, bathroom, office, lots of pasture, and a good sized covered arena. A covered arena in the summer is amazing. I mean, its amazing year round, but in the summer to keep that horrid wicked beating sun off of you, super sweet.

For the open house Amanda had set up all sorts of obstacles in he covered arena that everyone could go through at their own pace. There was even a lovely princess sheep in a tutu and crown. Jenny and I tacked up and headed in to play.

Simon was pretty light footed when we arrived and ready to roll. So we spent a few minutes walking around, and then dove into a few of the obstacles that I knew would not be a problem. We went through the curtains, then we back back into them, and then walked forward and then stood under them.

Simon used to not like the big balls, but over the summer we played with one at Amanda’s game nights and Simon changed his mind and now he likes pushing he ball around.

The remote control car was a really thrill for both Simon and King.

Simon has never been ok with dragging things, and this event was no exception. Jenny helped out and leading King, drug the tire around. We started with Simon following it, then walking next to it, then moving ahead and walking next to Jenny with it following him. Improvement, but additional sessions are necessary.

The one obstacle Simon was completely floored by, was the tiny bubble blowing machine. I think it was the sound and not the bubbles that was getting him. King walked past it nicely several times letting Simon follow him, but it still remained scary. I suppose a tiny bubble blowing machine is going to be a spring time purchase for me.

These giant skeleton horses were super cool. They whinnied, or as Jenny put it, it started as a whinny, but then sounded like they ate a wolf.

This event was a lot of fun. And it sounds like Amanda has a great plan for the new facility. If you are in the area she is worth checking out.

Photos by Chloe Franges

Snow Ponies 2021

February 10, 2021

Just a few obligatory ponies in the snow photos.

Neville’s feathers

Broken Buckets

February 8, 2021

I have a collection of the flexible sided buckets with handles for feeding. I put the ponies food in them everyday and pop them out to them in the field and remove the previous days buckets. I have had the majority of these buckets for probably about two years, give or take, and they have held up pretty well, until recently.

I have noticed when picking up buckets that a few of the handles have been busted. One bucket was even ripped part way down the side. I thought, well they are a few years old.

Then one morning I was leaving later in the morning than usual and the sun was out so I could actually see the ponies, and I saw how the buckets were being damaged. Neville had the bucket in his mouth and was hitting Simon with it. Simon grabbed the other side of the bucket and they tugged on it. Then Simon had the bucket and was hitting Neville with it. And then back to tugging the bucket between them. I managed to catch a little of it on vide, which is from a distance and a bit grainy.

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