Jenny Beck and Possum – 3 Weeks

March 24, 2020

I went Sunday to pick up Possum. Jenny has been working with him for just about three weeks now and I am eager to get him home and start doing some of this work myself. I can only hope to be a fraction of what Jenny is and manage to keep what she taught him going.

She showed me a new lunging exercise she had just done two days earlier for the first time. He had Saturday off so this was only his second time doing it. She puts the end of the stick on his neck and walks forward in a circle. His job is to trot around keeping the stick at the appropriate distance. Jenny kicked some ass at this. I fumbled around and found it super hard not to face him. This one is going to take me some work.

She also has been working with different obstacle set ups to do neck reining. This is related to my complaint that he seems decent at it at home but doesn’t take it with him when I am away. She suspects part of this is just his attitude. Now he seems to be neck reining all over the place like a pro.

Next was his right lead. This is much improved. I’ll have to keep working on it to really lock that in. When I got on I got him to pick it up several times but it was still some work. Regardless it was a massive improvement!

After Jenny showed me some stuff and had me put my hand to each we took our games ponies on a hack around her farm. Possum very much enjoyed this relaxing ride after three weeks of hard work.

After our ride I packed up Possum and we headed home.

I am so grateful for Jenny and all her horse knowledge.

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