Trail Report: Slate Lick May 1, 2020

May 4, 2020

Continuing our Friday afternoon trail rides, Carol Ann and I hit up Slate Lick with Puck and Simon. It was a quite day there, only one other trailer and limited sightings of other people coming in and out.

We headed left on hogpen fire road and did the loop at the end of the fire road. It is such a nice ride with plenty of creek crossings and varying trail.

Simon was strong on our past few rides so I put a bit in for this ride. I am glad I did too. He was again, strong, and cracking to move out. At one point we were trotting along a trail in the woods and I am not sure if he got stung by something or what because he leaped forward and sideways and let out several furious bucks before trying to bolt forward through Carol Ann and Puck. I did not find any marks on him later to indicate.

It was an excellent ride. I do like this loop quite a bit. I’m looking forward to meeting Carol Ann next week for another ride. I think we have a standing date now.

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