King of the Barn

My friend Carol Ann recently bought a house with some land and she finally got her fence all up and secured so she moved her horses out of Simon’s barn and into her new barn on Saturday.  This means that Simon is all on his own right now.  On Sunday I opened up all the gates so he could have his run of the place.  He galloped around and rolled in the new area and then returned to follow me while I walked around picking up feed pans and such. 


He doesn’t seem to have much interest in going into his previous section of the field.  I filled up his hay rack, which is in the cover of the run in, and walked around with him so he could see it full of fluffy hay, but it was still full two days later.  So I have been putting a flake out front for him so he can enjoy basking in his new found freedom and eat at the same time. 


The past two days since then when I have driven up, Simon has come galloping at full speed whinnying and then follows me around.  He seems to be loving his extended territory and being king of the barn, but I think he is lonely too.  I am going to take him for a nice hack tonight and spend some time brushing and loving on him. 


Another friend is moving some new ponies in on Sunday.  And as long as all goes well, we think one of them will be Simon’s new field mate.  He won’t be stuck watching the other ponies through the fence like he was with Carol Ann’s ponies anymore, which will make him much happier.      


Until then I am going to fit in as much Simon time as possible and after Carol Ann is able to move her tack and gear out, I am going to reorganize and straighten everything else up.  I already managed to get my feed section and the games equipment tidied up some.  I even filled up the bins with fresh bags of feed last night.    

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