Destruct-O Pony

Destruct-O Pony – innocent he is not.

I have mentioned a few times that Simon is mischievous and likes to get into things.  If he is turned out in the field with the games equipment he promptly knocks it all over.  Same with jumps.  Or really any items he can get at.  Sometimes I find a broken flag or a crushed mug, and a few times he has disbursed the equipment all over the field.  

He has been spending most of his time in the barnyard lately, which provides a very limited amount of grass, thereby preventing him from getting too fat and cresty or foundering.  But every few days I let him out into the riding field for a few hours to get in some light grazing.  The grass is pretty dried out and not too high in sugar content because of all the hot dry weather we have been having, and Simon is also not the type to just eat eat eat.  He wonders around while he grazes and eventually returns to the barn yard to make faces at the chickens and wait for a person to come entertain him.  

He must have been chowing on clover during the night.

He kept trying to eat the camera when I tried to take a nose photo.

Yesterday I let him out into the riding field for a few hours and as usual he had knocked every pole, barrel and cone over.  He also dumped the water tubs, which are not currently in use anyway, and rolled them down the field too.  I meant to get a photo of them and then put them back but I forgot and will have to do that tomorrow. 

At 6am this morning I walked down to the bottom of the field with Simon and started to right all the equipment to get in a quick ride before work and I found the black barrel destroyed.  I am not sure if he knocked it over and then stomped on it over and over again, or if he tried to climb inside of it and then thrashed around, but I found it in a few large pieces and a ton of tiny bite sized ones.  Last year Simon destroyed the other black barrel in the same fashion.  The two blue barrels are still intact, although I found them on their side and squished. 

This is how I found the larger pieces of the barrel. There were small pieces spread out over a large area.

I might have to invest in sturdier barrels.

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