Bitten Up Shavings

On the way to the competition last week, I swung into Tractor Supply to pick up some bedding to use in Simon’s stall.  I made the purchase, got excited they were on sale, and tossed the bales of shavings into the empty side of the trailer.  I then finished the drive to Carol Ann’s house to switch to her rig for the longer portion of the drive. 

When I got to Carol Ann’s and started to unload I noticed shavings all over the place.  And then little bite sized pieces of plastic.  Hum… Simon had untied himself and reached over the divider and taken bites out of the shavings bale closest to him.  He must have flipped it at some point because the bale was equally bitten up on both sides.  Crazy.  Luckily the shavings are well packed and they held together enough for me to get it out of the trailer and Carol Ann to tackle it with packing tape. 

This photo really does not do his handy work justice.

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