Games Equipment – Barrels

Blue Ridge Games blew some of our hard earned money and purchased 8 barrels!  Well, to be accurate, they arrived in the form of blue Brute trashcans. But with a little magic, they can be transformed into games barrels.

Eight barrels is enough to run 4 lanes and makes it possible for us to play games such as Bottle Shuttle, Litter, Hug-a-Mug, Toolbox, Tackshop, Rubber Ducky, and  Association.

The transformation from trashcan to games barrel is a pretty simple one.

The first step is to purchase a trashcan, preferably a sturdier plastic one, and it should fall between 2 feet – 2 feet 5 inches tall and no wider than 21 1/2 inches wide.  We picked ours up from Zoro Tools. They have a variety of them but to meet the standards we selected 27 1/2 inches tall, 22 inches diameter, 32 gal, blue ones.  They came to $19.99/each with FREE shipping.  I ordered them on Friday morning and they were in my driveway waiting for me  when I got home from work Monday afternoon.  Super fast!

Next you want to pick up a sheet of wood and some paint.  Cut out the barrel tops from the sheet of wood, sand the edges and paint.

To finish the project, all that needs to be done is to attach the wooden top to the trashcan.

And boom, you have successfully transformed a trashcan, into a games barrel.

Rich and I discussed marking the Blue Ridge Games barrels with BRG or the BRG logo to fancy them up a little.  I told him I had seen that Tami Anderson had stenciled the games pony logo on the top of her barrels.  He liked that idea and said he could do our BRG logo which is the games pony with a mountain over it.

Rich said he needs to touch the ponies up a little so the legs are not as lumped together, but we didn’t have time for that since we had a competition in two days.

I think the logo looks just fine the way it is though.

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