Spot-on Fly Repellant

I saw the new product, Farnam’s Equi-Spot, spot-on fly control, over the summer and thought about picking some up.  The reviews were mostly good, but I held off for no good reason.

Last week I was at a horse auction with some friends and during the tack sale they had a box of the Equi-spot so, for a few bucks, I picked up a box to try.

The box had three applications in it.  They look like giant Front Line  Flea and Tick applicators.  I applied it according to the directions with a dot under Simon’s forelock, one on his pole, then down his neck and along his top line.  Then a short line on the back of each leg.  easy.

the dust in the application area on day 2

The next day I noticed that there was a bit of dust near the application area, apparently a little stuck in the oil that had spread out some.  Nothing big, and it brushed right off.  But, there were no flies on him.  In fact he stayed pretty fly free all week.

dust on leg application area on day 2

Each application is recommended to work for a two week period.  Its been a full week today.  There were a few flies on his face but not many and they just seemed to stop by then take off pretty quickly.

It seems to have worn down noticeably, and could be reapplied at this one week mark.  The price tag on the box puts it at $12 for the three applications which is only about $4 for the week.  But I picked it up for $7 for the box, so just over $2 for the week.

I think it is fully worth the $2, and I will probably still pay the $4 for it next fly season if I can’t get it cheaper.


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