For Sale Ad Photos – 2012

I am still looking for a second pony.

I am looking for specifically a 13.1-13.3h pony with the right build.  Any shorter and I don’t have enough pony under me.  Any taller and I can’t reach things for games.  And since I need a pony to use for games, I need to reach things.  I am finding very few ponies that fit that range.  And it really surprises me how many *perfect* 14h ponies I have been finding.  And yeah, that one inch is a breaker.  13.3 is already pushing it height wise.  We are talking 13.3h with tall withers will just make the cut,  so a nice round quarter horse with a solid stocky build at 14 hands is just going to be too tall.

While shopping I am still seeing terrible for sale ad photos.

Now I realize not everyone has a quality camera or a good eye.  Or maybe they just do not understand what buyers want to see in sale ad photos.  But these photos make me wonder exactly what the seller thinks the photo is for in the first place.

And no, the ad was not for a lot of saddles and a horse. Just the horse (with a lot of saddles on it). I suppose this shows how calm the horse is? balanced? not sure.

Super helpful angle. And this was the only photo of the horse in the ad. I suppose we know he loads!

Not a photo, but you just got to love the “Welch” pony. I wonder if he is grape or strawberry flavored (haha get it, like Welch’s jam).

fantastic angle. You can see the color though! And yes, again, this was the only photo in the ad.


Not the worst photo, but the ad above it made me laugh out loud.

Another fantastic angle.  And again, the only photo in the ad.

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