Blue Hole Trail Ride

January 30, 2013

This is not a trail report.  I cannot find my map to show where the trail was exactly, but I will find it and I will go back and do a bit more exploring in the future.


For this ride I met up with Carol Ann, and we took our ponies to check out to a new area.  We parked at the bottom at the Blue Hole Picnic Area and headed up the fire road.


There were a few houses and two cattle guards to skirt.  But after a short bit we passed a sign that stated this was an area in national forest with access for disabled hunters.  And shortly later we passed a fire road gate, closed to traffic.  excellent.


We tried a side path, which we believe was an old fire road turn off on the map.   It was a bit over grown, wrapped around the mountain and ended before too long.

We then continued up the main fire road until it ended.  There was a field that went up a hill to the left, and there was a clear trail through it.  We will have to adventure that direction another time.


There was also a trail that continued straight out from the end of the fire road, but it ended shortly at a heavily downed tree area that looked rather old.  We decided to turn around and head back at that point.


I also saw a few other smaller looking side trails, but again, will have to try those adventures at another time.

It was a good time, and fun to ride with Carol Ann and Finn.  Simon is so different around other ponies and had a lot more get up and go.  He actually had a working walk without me pushing him constantly.  It was kind of a a nice.  Although he tossed his head a few times, which was really annoying.  So next time we ride with someone else, I think I’ll add in a martingale.




blue hole 01

blue hole


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