Mounting Block

February 2, 2013

For a life long games rider, using a mounting block feels a little wrong.   Although I have not vaulted for years, getting mounted quickly and frequently is still a necessary skill.

mounting block 01

I did use a friend’s for a few months after a bad riding accident a few years ago, when I really could not get on my pony without it.  I still have mounting issues leading from that injury, and the fact that I have gotten a tad rounder, and now have more of me to get on doesn’t help, but I can usually get on my pony just fine without assistance.  Although in the winter, when I add in all the thick layers, and the insulated coveralls, a mounting block would not be snubbed.  And while riding Milli, I tended to pull the saddle around her roundness when I mounted, so I gave in and purchased a mounting block.

mounting block 02

Speaking as a life long games rider, it felt wrong, very wrong.

But it sure is a nice fixture in my riding field.

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