The Hard to Catch Pony

March 8, 2013

Cooper has been with me for four days now and he has turned out to be very hard to catch.  His previous owner told us this, so I left his halter on and kept him refined to the barn yard when I put him out Sunday night.  Monday I attempted to catch him with a bucket of feed, and although I could touch him briefly, there was no catching him.  I did not want to push it, and was short on time, so I didn’t force it.  I decided to give him some time to adjust and just be a pony and revisit in a few days.

Yesterday I put Simon in and approached Cooper with a bucket of feed.  It only took a few minutes before he gave in and let me catch him.  I brought him in put him in the cross ties.  I brushed him, and gave him lots of cookies and attention.  I also held his feed bucket while he ate and continued to pet him.  When I let him back out at the end of the short session of attention, I switched him to a breakaway halter and left a lead rope attached.

He was very calm and laid back once I had him, and I think he will come around with some consistent attention.  Lets see how the attached rope and only eating grain when caught method does.






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  1. I have austang from the wild and for years I refused to use food to catch cuz I wanted her to just want to be with me. I gave in and started feeding her on a regular basis and now she loves me! The way to any ponies heart is food so keep it up!


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