Nice Weather – Ride Time

April 11, 2013


Nice weather roared on in, and I am taking advantage by getting in some pony time.

This week I took the time to pull Simon’s mane and give him a bath. I worked on 2 flag endlessly for two ride sessions and my bottle puts and picks.

I also discovered that Linus needs his wolf teeth out before I ride him again. They are sitting right where the bit goes and its not fair to ride him and expect him to focus with them bothering him.

Simon spent some time destroying the “roundish pen” two times. I also found the games equipment pulverized, nice. Simon even ripped up a cone and the mounting block is covered in bite marks.

I put up a tape fence to split the riding field up, but that got pulled down immediately. Granted it was not the most secure fence, and I have not turned it hot, but still. I suspected it was all Simon, until I caught Linus in action. Later I stopped him from stealing a halter from the barn. Uh oh. Do I have two Simons?

2013-04-04 17.01.02

Games equipemt all over the place, and a busted up barrel

2013-04-04 17.03.34

all trash

2013-04-06 17.07.11


2013-04-09 16.45.08

Linus caught in action

2013-04-09 16.45.47

It is hard work pulling the fence down.


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