Mane Pull

April 26, 2013

Last week we had a few particuarly nice days in a row.  I gave Simon a good bath and pulled his mane.  Then I pulled Linus’s mane.  His mane is pretty thin, and it only took a few minutes to shorten it, but he stood quietly, and let me work like it was no big deal.

I do use a short cut when pulling manes.  I brush them out, and use a small metal mane comb to collect a few hairs and back comb them, as is typical.  But instead of pulling the hair I cut it with scissors.  Much easier on me and on the pony. 

2013-04-11 17.15.54

Linus before

2013-04-11 17.24.19

Linus after

2013-04-11 17.25.29

Simon after – he has a very thick mane, that falls fully on both sides of his neck.


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