My Keys!

April 30, 2013

At the end of the MGAA Mid-Atlantic #1 competition weekend full of ponies, friends and fun, it was time to pack up camp and hook the trailers back up. I got all of Simon’s stuff packed into the trailer and all of my stuff packed in my truck and then accidentally locked my keys into the cap of the truck. whoops. I do not normally lock the cap at competitions but I must have hit the locking mechanism when I was packing or something and it locked when I closed it.

I took it in surprisingly good order and called my insurance company. And yea, I have road side assistance. So they sent out a locksmith guy. Sadly, he was not able to get the cap open. He did not even seem to know how the lock on it worked. sad.

My insurance called back to inform me it would require making a new set of keys which would cost me $300 out of pocket. ouch. Of course I denied that.

My next course of action involved trying to pry the side window open. The keys were sitting just on the ledge by this window. But There was no way a hand was going to fit into that tiny gap. Luckily my friend and fellow games rider, Dave, had a streak of genius. He bent up a marshmallow roasting stick and hooked my keys out of the truck in about 30 seconds. SCORE!

Dave won the “favorite person” award for the day. THANKS DAVE!!!!

2013-04-28 11.29.11

Whoops, the keys are in the locked cap.

2013-04-28 11.29.18

This is the tiny side window Dave fished my keys through.

2013-04-28 11.50.00

Yea, and I am driving again!


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