Lydia Meets Linus

May 17, 2013

My friend Lydia recently mentioned that she enjoys working with greenies and was looking for a project to get into this summer, so I asked if she wanted to come meet Linus.

Today she came out and we played with ponies.

She took Simon for a spin and I took note of her solid equitation, which is not justified in my iPhone pictures.  But boy don’t Lydia and Simon look cute together.

After Simon got a little exercise Lydia spent some time getting to know Linus.  He was a little cautious but also very interested in her. She took him for a walk around the field, and then did some basic ground work, moving around him, and letting him get accustomed to her.  This by itself was fantastic for Linus.

And Lydia continued on and mounted while I held the lead line.  Linus took a few minor hops, which Lydia took in stride, and he quickly smoothed out and settled into a polite forward walk.

Linus put on his “I got this” face.

After a few laps around we called it good for the day, and ended on a fantastic note.

It was very pleasing to see Linus take to Lydia, and show trust in her.  We both agreed he will make a one-person-pony in time, with a strong bond and level of trust.  He certainly does not have a mean streak, and is eager to please.  He is also a quick learner, and listens attentively.  But he does need a lot of work, including building of confidence and working through his fear issues.

Lydia had a good time and is going to continue to come out and put in some more elbow grease with Linus.  With some team work between myself, Lydia and Rich, Linus’s education is getting well under way.


2013-05-17 16.23.30

such a sweet pony

2013-05-17 16.03.30


2013-05-17 16.41.46

Linus is not the most photogenic pony.


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