Stick Horses – 2012

May 30, 2013

I have a side business called Cosmic Earth.  I primarily work in fiber art, and make an array of things including dog collars, clothing, and stick horses.  This is a business I have been operating for about 15 years, and it helps fund my horses.  I operate my business online, have a facebook page utilizing the mail, and I have a stand on Saturdays at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market.

I am really happy with how my stick horses are coming out and I wanted to share some photos of them.

They are also a very popular item. I love seeing the kids ride them around at the farmers market, and pick out their favorite ones.  I even mailed one off to California the other day for a sweet little girl.

This is particularly special for me because when I was a kid I was not allowed to have a stick horse because they were considered dangerous by my dad.  A real horse was ok, but one on a stick, not so much.  So now, as a 30 something adult, I relive my childhood love of stick horses through other peoples children.  It makes me smile.

2013-05-25 08.08.33

2013-05-25 08.10.45

2013-05-02 19.49.50

2013-05-02 19.50.03

2013-05-02 19.50.07

2013-05-02 19.50.10

2013-05-02 19.50.12

2013-05-02 19.50.16

2013-05-02 19.57.03

2013-05-04 09.12.26

2013-05-04 09.18.47

2013-05-04 09.55.43

2013-05-22 20.58.48

2013-05-25 10.45.39

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  1. I love the purple one! Those are so cool! I am chuckling at the idea that your dad thought stick horses were too dangerous but not a live horse!!!!


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