Busy Being Awesome – 2013

June 5, 2013

I have a lot of things to blog about but honestly, Simon and I have been so busy being awesome, I just have not had the time.

Last week my friend Rachel P came out and rode Simon and took a bunch of photos of him and Linus.  I have been gearing up this week for the MGAA Mid-Atlantic Mounted Games Series #2 competition this weekend.  I am getting a lovely round bale delivered next week to the barn yard for the ponies to chow on.  My first round bale actually.  And I broke down and ordered Simon a grazing muzzle.  Actually, I mentioned to a friend that I was going to order one and the next day she called me because she saw one on Facebook being sold for $15/free shipping.  So we jumped on that.  Thanks Lindsey for saving me cash.  And I still have not blogged about Simon’s full switch to the hackamore yet.

Oh, and there is a cute little POA I am sort of interested in, although I really do not want to bring on another pony until then end of the summer and I am back from the UK (which is yet another exciting horse topic I have not blogged about yet).  But it’s still tempting because he has that build I want and I have been shopping for a year.  But he is a cribber.  Which has led to a very interesting discussion about cribbers.

So, I hope to get my blog back on next week.

Photo: Rachel P Terrible picture of me, but lovely picture of Simon.

Photo: Rachel P
Terrible picture of me, but lovely picture of Simon.

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