Day 6 – Clinic with Collin

August 1 ,2013
*guest commentary at the end by Sammi.

Today we had a clinic with the world famous games clinician, Collin Carson from Ireland. And I am not using that title lightly. This guy knows his games and he is good at working with the riders.

He started off with an individual 10 minute session with each rider to asses their skills and experience. Then he had them mount up as a team.

I was on foot for the clinic trying to absorb every word and I definitely learned a lot as both a rider; heads up to my team, Old School, back at home, and as a trainer for this team.

The session went for about two hours and then we took a break. Lunch was devoured and then everyone went or a swim. The girls tossed each other in, and as you can imagine it was pretty chilly compared to the weather and the water back at home. The girls even managed, with very little arm twisting I am sure to get Rob and Mark to toss me in, towel and all.

The clinic resumed with Collin going over additional races and skills and me jotting notes and drawing diagrams.

To Old School, my team back at home, Collin gives adult games clinics too. and no worries, I already signed us up for a clinic when he comes by our neck of the woods!

Today also included some packing for the weekend, cleaning tack and boots, and Chinese for dinner! Yea!

We leaves bright and early tomorrow for Wales and the Welsh Champs competition. We are slotted for the 5th heat in session one. We are riding as West Hants. I think there are 41 teams in our division. It should be incredible.

I am not sure if we will have any Internet access while we are away so of you do not see a blog until Monday please don’t worry. We will type them up in real time and post them as soon as we can.

So wish us luck, GO USA!

Guest commentary by team member Sammi.

Well readers, it was a mighty fine day in royal England. With a criking (produced crickey but with an -ing) hot temperature of 77, we started the morning earlier than normal because of a 10 o’clock clinic with the one and only Colin. To start the morning, Leah and Julia quite promptly jumped on Megan and Megan was less of a zombie, but I was. At 10 Colin took us one by one to ask us questions and study how we ride. I was the first victim, and I determined Rob still doesn’t know my name, for I am “the short one”. After everyone was interviewed, we rode for 2 hours practicing new ways to do handoffs, turns etc. *they call handoffs “handovers” here* after those two hours we decided to go cool off in the pool. Leah was the first victim of getting pushed in the pool by me. Julia was being pushed in my Leah and Julia was winning so I made Julia my second victim. And then Leah just chucked me in. The water was cold, I don’t know how the little kids do it. I also had to save a piece of Leah’s clothes and literally dived out the window while the held me by my foot. It’s a very good thing they did not drop me… it was a long drop. After that we had another clinic with Colin and we feel we are ready for what happens this weekend.
We then proceeded to clean tack in the back by the garden. They have really nice and soft grass. After that we waited by watching some of Lady and the Tramp for Mom to feed us (SHE WAS A WEE LATE) and the food was quite delicious. Then we chilled on wifi and looked up at stars (Megan and I saw multiple shooting stars-obviously our good luck star from the universe). Now we are heading to bed and taking showers getting ready for this weekend. LET’S GO TEAM USA !!!

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