Day 7 – Travel to Welsh Championships

August 2, 2013 Friday (not sure if it is really the 2nd)

Today we were up early, finished loading the Lorys and horse van and headed out of the New Forest for Wales.

I gave the girls a break from me and hopped into the horse van with Mark for the ride and the girls all piled into the Lory with Rob and his family.

There was a lot of traffic but we arrived in the early afternoon and set up the ponies and ourselves. We were lucky and Juliet had reserved us one of the “chalets”, which were all booked with a waiting list. It is very much like our accommodations in the New Forest and we moved right in.

We ran into Makenzie right after we arrived and she showed us around the grounds. It was really nice to catch up with her.

We met our 5th pony, Bling, and took him and Jack out for a brief ride. And everything seems pretty good there. He seems like a pretty easy straight forward pony for the most part.

The rest of the evening was spent socializing and eating. There were a lot old faces to catch up with and a lot of new ones and everyone was smiling. I was happy to see Alestar, who lent me ponies when I used to ride over here, and was honored that he remembered me. I also saw his daughter Leigh Ann, who had children riding in minis and who will be riding in the veterans special session Saturday night.

Juliet and I went to the briefing at 10pm (wow that seems late but it worked out perfectly) and we found out our races for the weekend and our jobs. They told us there are 115 total teams here this weekend. Crazy. There are 6 heats and 7 lanes in the open divisions alone!

By the time I got back to the caravan the girls were all asleep so we will have to go over some stuff in the morning.





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