Day 11 – Stonehenge

August 6, 2013

*Please note that I normally stink at spelling, but typing all these on my phone is not helping! Hope you can understand. :0)

Today we did a lot of touristy stuff. But first we had to pick up a mini bus. And feeling daring, I went with Rob to pick it up. Yep, drove on the wrong side of the road for the first time. The scary part was that I drove the 6 speed horse van (mom you would have loved to have this back in the pony club days, in automatic) with a trailer attached. It actually drove smoothly, but since the roads are so narrow… lets just say I was liberally on the edge… And over on occasion. But I arrived with everything intact.

We all loaded up, Julia and Leah riding in the other, horse-van-to-be with Colin, and headed out. After dropping the van off to have some work done we traveled though small towns to the legendary Stonehenge.

It was roped off so you couldn’t get close, but still cost 8£ to do the loop. Interestingly there was a guy with a mega phone inviting people to walk through the sheep field and look from there for free. “I am a Druid and I do not agree with the English Heritage and that they will be exhibiting the dead in the new museum.”

Since there seemed to be plenty of other people returning from the field we did that. The catch was that there was a fence up between us and the path around the stones. But we could see the stones and boosted Sammi up to the top to take photos over the fence. Awesome!

Next we drove through Salisbury and stopped at the Salisbury Cathedral. Lets just say, amazing. Really, it was amazing. So much to look at, lots of details everywhere and everything was super old.

Then we headed to Corfe Castle. Which was also amazing. We hiked up and paid the 8£ to explore the whole thing. There was so much to explore and so hard to get photos to justify it. The story behind the castle is also amazing, google it if you are interested.

We slipped over to the Rising Sun pub just down the road from our home for dinner. Again, yummmm. Sitting by the most amazing New Zealander I have ever met, Jazzy. But note, she is my first New Zealand friend.













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