Day 14 – The Beach

August 8, 2013

Today was beach day. But we started the day with a game of ring toss and then practice. It went pretty well and we were happy to have Colin pop in with a few tips and tricks.

*The rest of today’s blog is guest blogged by The entire team.

The beach was cold at first but Megan was brave, hezahhhhhhh, and led the charge into the water. Most of us followed.

It did not smell salty but it tasted salty. Most of us were dunked by Rob. And it was cold but you went numb pretty fast and then it wasn’t so bad. But none the less we were out and back on the sand before too long.

We sunbathed and napped for a while. It was nice until the wind blew then it was cold. Then we had ice cream. Genius. It was awesome. Ice cream on the beach when you are cold, oh yeah.

On the way home we stopped by a tack store, droll. They had pony sized everything. Krista ran into an old horse friend and they discussed borrowing a 5th pony for the weekend.

There was a whole room for boots and a wall of bits and a dog section and even a chicken section. There was a whole room for blankets and a whole room for clothes. It was heaven.

We picked up Rob’s lorry from the inspection station and krista took over driving the mini bus. Sammi and Megan braved the drive with her. Krista drove great until a bush popped through the window.

We dropped the bus,finished the drive home in the lorry and went out for dinner at Toby’s Carvery. Yummy. We all liked the Yorkshire Pudding. They had gammon, turkey, beef, ham and assorted veggies.

We finished the night with happy birthday and cake for Sophie’s 10th bday. Yum again.

And tomorrow we are on our way to Cock of the North.










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