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September 9, 2013


It appears I took a little time off from blogging.  But its time to start typing again.

Fun things have been happening.  I had two games practice on Poe with Carol Ann.  Both went well.  We worked on hand offs with Carol Ann on her newer pony Jinny, and it was ‘no thang’ for Poe.  The pony didn’t bat an eye.  So for the next practice Carol Ann brought out Zeke, her white-lightning-charger.  I swear the pony puffs himself up when he rolls in at full tilt, intimidation factor on max.  But Poe was not impressed and rolled on as well.

Poe continues to amaze me with his brilliance and his aptitude for games.  It really is like he was born for the sport.

I took Poe to the Blue Ridge Games demo at the Shenandoah County Fair two week sago.  He did fantastic.  It was the first time I really let him move out through the races and he really was fantastic.  He did some greeny things, like anticipating turns incorrectly, and he did haul off bucking into the first race.

I in advertently gave him a week off after Blue Ridge.  But I hopped on him this evening and he was right there for me.  I set up litter for individuals play, which means you go down, scoop a litter, drunk it, turning the barrel, retrieve another litter, dunk that one too and then pick up a third, dunking it on the way home.  We rode down, turned and picked at a trot.  WOO!  I set him up to turn the barrel, and it was almost as if he was asking “you sure you want to turn?  I am pretty sure we are suppose to go straight.  well if you say so”.  We dunked and turned and then picked up the second litter also at a trot.  This time when we came up for the barrel dunk and turn, I set him up and Poe was like “Yep, I got this” and just rocked on around like a pro.  We scooped our third litter, also at a trot (boom!), and when I did set him up for the turn, it was like he said “yep, we go home now” and he just rolled on home.  so smart.

I also noticed he is starting to neck rein considerably better.

The other thing I need to put some work into is bringing him off his forehand some.  He has his big ol butt, and I want him to learn to use it better.  Maybe we can eventually get some roll back action.

This Friday we have the MGAA Individuals at the Great Frederick Fair in Maryland.  This is a really big fair, with LOTS going on. This will be a big step up for Poe, being in a full day long competition, with all the distractions continuously going on.  But I am really looking forward to it.

A friend, Ann, is going to ride Simon, which makes me happy.  He is such a fun pony, and I think Ann will have a good time.  Plus then I won’t feel bad leaving him at home for the weekend.

The two ponies, Daisy and I will head out Thursday after work and head up to my parents house for the night.  They live about 5 minutes from the fair grounds down back roads.  And they are lovely enough to keep the barn and paddock up so the ponies can come for a visit on occasion.

I also went out on two trail rides since I have been back from England.  The first one my husband, Rich, braved it and went with me.  Simon was perfectly pleasant for him, showing his husband horse abilities, and Rich had a grand time working on his posting, which he picked up pretty quickly, and cantering around.  Simon happily obliged with a mouth full of grass.  I rode Poe, who was very good.  He was a bit looky, and did try to run back to the trailer a few times.  But nothing that couldn’t be handled.  He will make a good trail pony for me when Rich wants to go, but I was also happy to decide that Simon is still my main trail companion.

Yesterday Carol Ann and I went out to Slate Lick and went on a nice hack.  This was my first time in this area and I really like it.  There were some people camped with their horses and I have decided I must camp here with my ponies soon as well.  Carol Ann rode Jinny, and it was Jinny’s first time out.  She was pretty good in my opinion.  I took Simon, who was his perfectly pleasant trail pony self.

That is a brief recap of my past month.

And here are two photos that my friend Genevieve of Equistar Photography took at Blue Ridge Games Demo 8/31/13

note, Poe has a total game face.


poe 0813 02

poe 0813 01

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