Mid-Atlantic Mounted Games #5 ~ 2013

October 22, 2013

Last weekend, the really rainy one, was the big season finally games competition on the east coast.  We all traveled to Upper Marlboro, Maryland to the PG Equestrian Center, for the Mid-Atlantic #5 Competition.

I arrived Friday afternoon, in a heavy downpour, that continued for the rest of the day and into the night.  I attempted to set up my portable paddock but the paddock quickly filled with inches of standing water.  Simon’s rider, Stephanie from Antiques Roadshow, had reserved Simon a stall, but I was planning on saving the expense by keeping Poe in a paddock for the weekend.  But really, I just couldn’t leave him in standing water all weekend.  So I moved him into the barn and bedded him down in a nice dry stall.

It continued to rain and rain and rain and by the time we had the ponies settled in, Linda, Kim and I were soaked through and just wanted to go somewhere dry for dinner.  Shortly after dinner we returned to the grounds in time for Carol Ann’s arrival followed by the Lockyers and not long after that it was time for bed.  I decided to move into an empty stall for the night, where i could move around easily, and remain dry all night.  Daisy seemed pleased with the idea.

It continued to downpour all night, and into the morning, until just before it was time to enter the competition ring, when it luckily let up to a drizzle.  The ring was still a mess, although the amazing drainage and footing at this facility, made it useable even in the extreme conditions we were under.  It was not slick, just wet.  very wet.

All the ponies were keeping their pace down, not willing to move out.  It almost looked like the whole arena had been put on slightly slow motion.

Poe started out the session trying me a little, refusing to go out initially, but with a little firmness he gave in and kicked into gear.  He has such a perfect attitude for this sport.  He is aggressive and competitive.  He is also super smart and attentive.  I think he likes to work together, although he does try me quite frequently, making sure I mean business.

We spent the two weeks between MA4 and this competition working on our breaks and it paid off.  He was much more attentive and ready to stop quickly.  I think he just needs the full idea and he will have awesome breaks.  I also think I need to sort out a better bit for him.  I tried him in a kimberwick and he hated it.  It was not a pleasant ride at all.

Side note: I am going to try a mullen happy mouth and see what he thinks, and Simon’s old combination bit and maybe a hackamore.

There were a few bumpy races, and a simple mistake, or a dropped handoff would put a team at the end of the pack.

This is the first competition where we have had two heats of Fossil teams, which made for a whole new ride for team Old School.  We won both of our prelim heats, but we tend to ride our worst in the final session, which was going to be our most difficult.  It also seems like our main competitor teams improve with each session.  So we were certainly a wound up going into the A final.

Poe also held himself together, and kept up the awesomeness, improving continuously.  He did give me a weird one in the very last race though.  It was Flag Fliers and we were starting the race.  He was very attentive and ready, and just as the referee dropped the flag he let out a buck before taking off, very odd and putting us about two strides behind, but we managed to hold and then make up our position, coming home with a clean pull, and easy hand off.  And I am proud to say my team held it together, riding much better than normal during the final, and took the win by about 10 points, winning 8 of the 12 races in the session (a few races were cut from the final since it was still raining and sloppy).  Go Old School!

The win at this competition and the win at the last one bumped us up to second in the series overall finish, behind the super competitive team in pink, Time Flies.

Back to the social part of the weekend, it was our friend Averi’s birthday, and we had a fun social dinner and birthday celebration with her Saturday night, with lots of laughs and fun.  It also continued to rain for the whole weekend, I don’t think my hair was dry until Monday!

The photos today are from a selection of amazing MGAA photographers including Genevieve of EquiStar Photography, Jill of Little Belle Photography, Shannon Thornton and Karen Hecker.  Thank you for sharing your amazing skills!


Me and Poe in step with Jenny and Captain in 3 Mug Race
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography


Genevieve in Sword Race
Photo: Linda of EquiStar Photography


Masters in Balloon Race
Photo: Linda of EquiStar Photography


Claudia in Flag Race
Photo: Linda of EquiStar Photography


Carol Ann and Emily in Joust Race
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography


Kim in Flag 2 Flag Race
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography


Claudia in Speed Weavers
Photo: Linda of EquiStar Photography


Me and Poe in Two Flag Race
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography


Krista G up-righting a Pole
Photo: Linda of EquiStar Photography


Stephanie and Simon in Association Race
Photo: Jill of Little Belle Photography


Me and Poe in Litter Race
Photo: Jill of Little Belle Photography


Me and Poe
Photo: Jill of Little Belle Photography


Matt and Regan in Litter Race
Photo: Jill of Little Belle Photography


Mitchell in Ring Race
Photo: Jill of Little Belle Photography


Brea racing in the Mud
Photo: Jill of Little Belle Photography


Lindsey in 4 Flag Race
Photo: Karen Hecker


Carol Ann and Linda handing off in Bending Race
Photo: Shannon Thornton


Mackenzie in Toolbox Race
Photo: Shannon Thornton

And my iPhone pics.














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