Trail Ride: Slate Lick

November 3, 2013

Today I loaded up Simon and both dogs and we swung by and picked up Carol Ann, her pony Puck, and her dog Maggie and we went to Slate Lick for a ride.

It was Pucks first trail ride and he was great. He led, he followed, he went on a long rein. Good boy. Simon was great as expected.

It was a nice ride with great fall weather and views.

We did end up doing the loop once in each direction. This was not planned but became necessary when we finished the first loop and noticed Puck’s easy boots were missing. So we reversed direction and found them shortly before finishing loop number two.

It was good though. I love trail riding simon. And Carol ann was fantastic company. It was a great day.






Riding simon “on the buckle”

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