Snow Pads?

December 13, 2013

Over the past week we have had a few light snow storms, mixed with some ice.  Although we did not end up with a large accumulation, it has stayed cold, and the stupid white stuff is not melting.  Well, more precisely, It is not melting in the horse field, trails and areas I ride. The yard is fine!  AHHH.  Both of my ponies have shoes on, and both are walking on snowballs.  Which means I have not been riding. And that is driving me crazy.

Yesterday I gave in, and I hopped on Simon and rode him around the field, which involved him uncomfortably slipping and sliding.  He is very protective of himself and is extremely careful in less than perfect footing.   Not the most exciting ride to say the least.

Trail riding, that’s what I like to do on the weekends in the winter.  Spend my day, ambling through the woods, catching some beautiful views, spending time with my pony and my dog outdoors.  ahhh, I can feel the piece of mind already. Luckily I live in an area that has ample trails.  Unfortunately, the trails are all in the mountains, in the woods, and tend to be snow-covered even when the horse field is not.

Will we have a particularly snowy winter?  Shoot, it’s not even winter yet.  Will January and February be white?  Should I get snow pads put on when the ferrier comes out?

I have not tried snow pads before. I am aware that there are two main types of snow pads.  There are the traditional full coverage ones.  They pop the snow out, keeping them free of snowballs, but they cover the entire bottom of the hoof, preventing access to the sole. There are also snow rim pads, which I know less about.  I lightly read they are better for “snow and melt” environments where conditions change quickly.  I am sure Google will help me become more informed.  The ferrier is another great source of information on shoeing.  Duh. So I’ll also ask him.

CPSPL-Snow-Ball-Pad-Large Front Snow Rim_lg

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  1. If you don’t usually get much snow, have you considered a boot like these: ? We don’t usually get much, but this year we are getting dumped on. I may try a pair.

    • riderofchaos

       /  December 13, 2013

      I have shoes on my ponies so boots won’t work. I did try the cavallo boots on a different pony and he hated them. He was in his late 20s at the time and very sensitive so it could have just been him. I know other riders who swear by their hoof boots.

      • Good to know. I didn’t realize the boots won’t work for a shod horse, but that makes sense. I also hear having the farrier put borium on the shows can provide traction, but I doubt it would prevent the snowball effect. Good luck!

      • riderofchaos

         /  December 13, 2013

        I do have borium on for traction. But like you said, it does nothing for snowballs!

      • Good luck, and update if you try the snow pads.

      • riderofchaos

         /  December 13, 2013

        Oh it will be blogged about! I am not due for the ferrier for a few weeks though. Might have to bump it up.

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