Falling From the Ground

December 15, 2013

Last Saturday I had a fall. Ridiculously, I had not mounted up yet. I am smooth like that sometimes.

Here is what happened.

I was feeding and I noticed that Simon’s long luxurious forelock was all matted up with burrs. I picked them out and then I sprayed showsheen in to help get the little bits out. Simon does not care to have his face sprayed. So he pulled back, and I grabbed the front if his blanket with my right hand.

The silly pony started to trot away, me still holding with my right hand crossed over my body, and running sideways. I thought to myself, “yep, I am going to fall”. So I let go before Simon got going any faster.

Proudly, I remembered, and used my Pony Club “how to fall” training. I hit hard, but I rolled into it, and avoided hitting my head on the ground or a hoof! Go me!

I did rip a hole in my favorite winter breeches, and two holes in my knee with a little gravel ground in for good measure. And three days later I woke up to a massive, tea-plate, sized bruise on my leg. Battle wounds.

For his part, Simon trotted back and let me finish brushing his showsheen soaked forelock.

I was proudly telling my friend Lindsey how that old Pony Club, “how to fall” training came in handy, to which she promptly retorted, “but that Pony Club 101, “put a halter on your pony to groom him” training went right out the window.”

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  1. This really made me laugh out loud; good job I was only in the sitting room, not the train! I will always remember a friend of mine getting on a slightly smaller horse than her usual mount … only for her to go straight over the other side!

  2. On the bright side, maybe you’re in the market for a new pair of breeches?


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