Pedro Torres – 2014

January 5, 2014

This is a very cool combination of several horse disciplines.  Amazing.

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  1. Great to see this. Not sure if I was lucky enough to meet Pedro Torres when an equestrian journalist. However I was at the Lisbon Lusitano Show in Portugal where he must have been competing in the Working Equitation Championships. Working Equitation is a growing sport in Europe and derives from cattle working, hence the weaving, ‘spear’/prod for moving cattle, etc. Lusitanos, like those that Pedro rides, are among the best horses for WE, although Bo Derek was at the show and felt that it would suit quarter-horses. Having seen WE in Portugal & UK, plus Barrel Racing in the US, I can see the common ground.

    Pedro is the five times European Champion (Individual) and eight time European Team Champion in Working Equitation, and has been a National Dressage Champion. So a master horseman and the shot of him in uniform shows he is Haute Ecole trained. More on him at

    Many thanks

    • riderofchaos

       /  February 6, 2014

      I primarily do mounted games, and would like to do more judged train events. Both if those play extremely well into working equitation. I would love to see this come to the states. It looks like it would fit me perfectly! He is amazing to watch.

  2. When I first saw Working Equitation there were elements that reminded me of Mounted Games. The speed and the tight turns especially. Sure it would suit you perfectly and I know that there are others in the US, as well as Bo Derek, that are participants already. Check out which explains the sport, has an events listing, and lots more info.

  3. That Link is not the official one so just use for info. The official one is: ~ with all the real events, plus no charges. Good luck


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