TBT – 3/13/14

March 13, 2014

This week we are throwing back to 1996, and the IMGA World Team Championship that was held in Sweden.

I was 17 years old and had just graduated high school. Ah the memories.

My team traveled to England, met up with some of the GB team riders, picked up ponies and then we all headed to Sweden via ferry.

It was a really exciting trip but not so great on the riding front. We ended up with pony trouble of and eventually were eliminated from the competition. Not a fantastic out come at all.

I do remember that although it was summer, it was cold. There was a small beach we could walk to from the grounds and the ocean was full of amazing jelly fish. We had one pony named Boris, who quite fit the name and reminded me of a triceratops dressed as a pony.

In the team photo the MGAGB team (who I the giant Toblerone bars and trophies went to) are in the back, and in the front the US team, from left to right: Joe B, myself (Krista), Colleen M (now R), Chris R, and Mark W. Our trainer was Robert T.





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