Conditioning Ride #2 – 3/27/14

March 29, 2014

On Thursday Beth and I headed back to Browns gap for our second conditioning ride of the year.

I took note that Poe is already getting in better condition. He trotted strongly and kept an upbeat pace for the entire two hour ride.

The most spectacular part, Poe seemed to actually enjoy himself! He even trotted along with his ears forward for portions of the ride. Most importantly, he did not try to throw me off, kick Simon or pull any if his “stunts”. He was happy to move out ahead of Simon, stay along side him, or fall behind him at any point. He was a happy pony.

Poe is an easily bored pony. And I think trail riding does not hold his attention. The last few rides we had were games rides, so maybe he had enough stimulation accumulated that a chill trot in the woods for this ride was tolerable. Or maybe he has “lost” the battle and has accepted that he is going to do these rides, so he has chosen to enjoy them. It’s probably a combination of both!

I am going to try and get in two conditioning rides next week, and I hope he continues to enjoy them.

We are one month out from the first big competition of the games season.






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