Early April Rush

April 9, 2014

It is the time of year where my life explodes into busy.  The weather is nice, competitions are coming up fast, ponies need to be cleaned up and conditioned and everything turns green.

Beth and I had a little games schooling together. Poe was a total pig. I went on a 10+ mile solo conditioning ride with just Poe and Daisy, and Poe was really good. I worked on pulling the sled with Simon. It was clearly going to kill him.

Carol Ann came out and we had a really good practice. We beat the crap out of each other’s hands working on our sword handoffs. Poe was a pig for a little bit, but mostly was good.

I had the vet out to remove Poe’s wolf teeth and give him a good float. When I get back from Ireland I’ll toss a bit back in his mouth and see what he thinks.

Today I put the grazing muzzles on.  They were both very much, not pleased.

This weekend my games team, minus Averi, is having a clinic with the world-renowned games instructor, Colin Carson, from Northern Ireland.

And then Monday, I am off to Ireland for a week of mounted games and touring with an amazing group of MGAA riders. Ill be sure to blog.


This is the solo condition ride I took Poe on.



This is what games practice looks like on a GPS.


Sled Training



Muzzle time!


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