Colin Carson Clinic #1

April 13, 2014

Today team Old School, minus teammate Averi, who was sadly missed, got together for a clinic from the world re-known mounted games clinician, Colin Carson from Northern Ireland.

I went into the clinic saying I needed to gain some confidence in Poe, and I wanted to work on my barrel turns.  Carol Ann wanted to work on 2 flag and hug a mug and Linda wanted to work on litter.  We also wanted to go over pony pairs.  We managed to fit all of those in, but just.

For me, the biggest thing I am took away, is a new barrel turn.  It felt smooth and forward.  Poe rolled right into it, and jetted right out of it.  I also have quite a few other things to work on at home for a bit, and develop them with practice.  But most importantly I came away feeling like Poe and I were riding as a team.  You know, that confidence thing, I left the ring riding 13.1h high on it.  I have said it before and Ill probably say it 100 more times, Poe loves games.  He just shines.  And he is like a sponge, taking it all in and developing into an amazing games pony.  Ok, enough about Poe.

Colin is an amazing clinician.  He knows horses, and riding, and he knows games.  Colin doesn’t tell you, “turn around that barrel.”  He shows you exactly where and how to turn around that barrel, where and when to put on which leg and what ques to use, and why.  He is an educated and experienced horseman with many decades of international level games under his belt.  I remember him when I was in my mid-late teens, near 20 years ago, coaching the Northern Ireland team.  He knows the techniques, and he also has experience with different level, age, and division of competitors.  So he can recommend different techniques and means of completing a game that work for different riders.

If you ever have the opportunity to have a clinic with the man, do not miss out.  You will not regret the effort.

And, now I need to finish packing.  Tomorrow we are off to Ireland!  Go team USA!



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