Visit with the Family – 2014

May 14, 2014

Last week was
***Family visit time***

I loaded up Daisy and the ponies and we trekked up to my parent’s house Thursday afternoon.  Yep, I took the ponies to the family get together. Sounds a little over zealous right? That’s because if I was just taking them so they could join in the fun, it would be. But there was a competition that Sunday right down the road from my parents that I was planning to attend, so it actually made perfect sense.


My sister, Kerri, and her boyfriend, Denis, were also visiting, so the ponies got a lot of attention. Kerri has not ridden in years, and she really enjoyed getting on Simon and having a little fun. She even helped me practice my handoffs and we ran through a few different races for fun. The ponies entertained us all with their continuous playing, mainly when they were trying to help each other out of their grazing muzzles.


In our non-pony visiting time, we spent a day in Baltimore, my family’s original stomping ground, hit a few shops in downtown Frederick, a quick hair cut at the Paul Mitchell Temple School, got pettis, and delved into a real Maryland past time, crab eating. It was an excellent visit, and everyone had a fantastic time.













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