May 16, 2014

Similar to a chicken-tractor, I am using a portable paddock to limit the ponies grazing, and will move it around every few days for fresh grazing.

If you have ponies and any amount of pasture, you will feel my pain. Spring comes, the lush green grass shoots up, and the ponies start getting fat just looking at it.

There is the fat pen solution, which requires the expense of feeding hay. It also causes some ponies to become extra mischievous. Simon for example, has perfected taking all of his shoes off in fat pen protest.

There are also high maintenance options that involve stalls and multiple small turn outs. Those are not practical for me.

I have had mixed success with muzzles. Some days it’s good and other days it involves searching the Pasture for muzzles ponies removed, and recently, rubbed pony faces.

I am using my portable paddock kit and trying the pony-tractor.





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