An Easy Week

May 20, 2014

The past few days I have been doing a lot of mug shuffle practice. The last two times I have done this race in competition, I have dropped or flicked my second mug. Not acceptable. This is my favorite race, and one I am usually rather proficient at, so messing it up is extra disappointing. After a dozen fast runs through it, I decided that I must not have been following through in competition. I am guessing I am placing my mug, and then immediately pushing Poe for more speed, instead of following through with my placement, and making sure its solid.


So I ran through the race another dozen times and paid extra attention to my follow through. And I spent more time on it the next day too. I have got to get that muscle memory back in shape.


I also spent some time on litter, which always seems to go super smooth at home.


Tonight I need to add in some more variety to my practice.


While I was working on my mug shuffle with Poe, Simon was loose in the riding field. And of course he had to cause trouble. He went over to the equipment heap and started to toss everything around. It was a nice neat stack, but he had it all over the place. I managed to snap off a few pictures of him while riding over to stop him, and caught him throwing a cone. Then he spent a while playing in the water that had collected in the purple sled. He is so silly.



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